Dispensing Fees – The Roller Coaster Continues

October 2022

Hold tight, Dispensing Fees are now at their highest level ever. There has been a
47% INCREASE in Dispensing Fees from 1st October 2022 until 1 April 2023 when
compared to October 2021, when many practices really felt the pinch and began to
struggle to make dispensing break even. Then in April 2022 we had a 15% increase
in dispensing fees which helped offset many of the loss-making prescriptions being

Now there has been a 27% increase compared to the April to September fees. This
is very welcome and very needed.

Unfortunately, we know that what goes up must come down and in April 2023, there
is a proposal to reduce the October fee scale by 14%. Luckily this will still be at a level
which is 10% higher than the April to September 2022 fees.  

Dispex members can login here to view the new scale, as well as the PROPOSED