“Out Of Office” – Dispenser’s Holiday Handover List

It’s that time of year when most of us are looking forward to our upcoming holiday! Whether you are
lucky enough to be going away or if you’re just looking forward to relaxing in your garden, it’s easy
and fun to get organised at home. You’ve downloaded your holiday tunes, Netflix movies, grabbed
a book (hmm yeah, that will get read), packed the giant inflatable unicorn and booked the dog sitter,
but have you organised your holiday handover at work?? It’s easy to focus on the fun holiday to-do
list weeks in
advance, while the mammoth task of creating a work handover list is pushed down the line.

Therefore, we’ve put together a basic Dispensers handover list, which can be adapted for your dispensary:

  • A week to two weeks’ before you go, set yourself a time slot to plan out your handover & prioritise what needs doing
  • Arrange a convenient time to hold a “handover meeting” with your team and your supervisor the week before you go
  • Check to see whether the Dispensary’s contact list and information book needs updating. This contains things like
    supplier account numbers & their contact details and community team details
  • Ensure your Practice team rotas are up-to-date and confirm who to raise any issues or queries with in your absence
  • If you know certain patients will be in while you’re away, that need additional assistance or if you always meet Mr
    Neal and his dog at the dispensary door, then inform your colleagues so the same level of service can continue in your absence

  • If you’re the one that always tops up the coffee pot and records the fridge temperatures or if you regularly go above and
    beyond, let your team know, as often these “little extra” tasks can easily be overlooked by others

  • See if you can schedule any automated orders, payment requests or reminders
  • Leave your station tidy and leave out any paperwork or notes for colleagues- but don’t go overboard on the post-it notes


And finally, enjoy the moment when you get to set your out of office” email!

Happy Travels