Dispensary Supplies from Dispex

Controlled Drug Registers

  • Statutory Controlled Drugs Register (A4 Size-Schedule 2)
    Members: £25  Non-members: £35.00+vateach
  • Doctor’s Bag Register (Cheque Book Size to record the obtaining and supply of Schedule 2 Controlled Drugs)
    Members:£11  Non-members:  £15.00+vateach
  • Controlled Drugs Returns Register (A4 Size (to record the receipt and destruction of prescribed Schedule 2 Controlled Drugs)
    Members:£15    Non-members:  £20.00+vat each
  • Supply & Administration Register (A4 Size for use in care homes, schools etc.)
    Members: £30    Non-members:  £30.00+vat each


Owing Books

Dispensary owing book, for use when a prescription has been partly completed. The dispensary copy can
either be attached to the prescription or left in the bound book.

  • Perforated duplicate pages 
  • Numbered pages
  • Size 210mm x 99mm
  • 50 pages per book
  • Member discount applies

2 books DISOB221x2:      £7       
6 books DISOB221x6:      £18     
10 books DISOB221x10:  £26     


Denaturing Kits

  • 1 Packet of 2 x 1 litre jars  £19.68     
  • 2 Litre Jars £18.63                             

All prices are exclusive of VAT (20%)

Minimum standard delivery fee is £6.25+vat on orders up to 2kg (for full delivery T&Cs click here).
Please allow 2-4 working days for delivery. Prices are exclusive of VAT (20%).

Please email your order to enquiries@dispex.net 


Monitored Dosage System via Dispex

Omnicell Monitored Dosage System Via Dispex 
Lowest Price for GENUINE Omnicell TraysClick HERE to place your order, or contact the Dispex Team;Email: sales@dispex.net

Tel: 01604 859000 (10am-3pm)



Dispex members are able to access our comprehensive SOPs library! SOPs are a vital part of the DSQS
requirements and an important element to ensure safe and quality practice and procedures are followed
by all members of staff.

Our Templates will provide a guide, according to the DSQS requirements minimum, for you to amend
as relevant
 to your own Dispensary. You will be able to customise and adapt the procedures content to
your own circumstances and adjust each one, to reflect the way your own Dispensary operates, within
the recommended guidelines. Click here for details.