Dispensary Management Profitability Review


This involves a visit to your site, you will receive a thorough review of your dispensary by our experienced Consultant, to help identify any causes for profit loss and opportunities for increased profitability.

Explanations will be provided on what, when & how to claim, correct procedures and processes, ordering and maintaining stock, CD management, endorsing, concessions, end of month and any other areas of profitability that requires guidance.

Direction will be given on how to focus and ensure full value is potentially added to improve the profitability within your own dispensary and then ensure your understanding and confidence in implementing any changes that affects the profitability shortfall of the practice.

A final written Report summarising the outcomes is produced following the visit, highlighting the topics discussed and any issues negatively affecting your Dispensary profits, including suggestions for improvement.

For further details and our prices, please email the Dispex team via training@dispex.net

Secure PCN Funding

If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! 
The 2022-23 PCN DES Contract specification outlines a Leadership and Management payment for funded training of £0.699 multiplied by the PCN Adjusted Population. That works out at thousands of pounds per PCN! Contact your PCN Lead to secure your funding before the 31st March 2023 deadline. Management courses can be booked post this date as long as everything has been confirmed and the PCN payment has been processed before the 31st March. Ensure you provide your PCN team with our email training@dispex.net, as we will invoice your PCN directly for payment. Our consultant’s diary is already booked for Spring 2023, secure your Summer-Winter date before she’s fully booked!!


Our Consultant’s diary is already full for Spring 2023, secure your Summer-Winter date before we’re fully booked!!