Controlled Drugs: Reporting Update

By Kirstye- Dispex Tutor

Controlled Drugs Reporting System Update

From Thursday 1st December, the Controlled drug reporting website will
several notable changes.

The website update suggests it will be more user friendly as well as containing more functions and
features. It aims to further standardise processes across regions with this updated version.

The most significant changes are the reporting modules which were previously one reporting module.
They have now been separated in to two.

The “Incident module” this is to report any event that resulted in or could have resulted in patient harm.

The “Concerns module” this is to report any matter of interest to the controlled drug accountable officer.

The focus of these reporting modules will be around patient harm, rather than just the risk of harm.
Concerns will also be able to be reported anonymously. The changes will also ensure improved ease of
use for applications of authorised witness, logging a controlled drugs destruction and CD declarations.

Everyone will have to register the first time they use the new Controlled drug reporting website. However,
the registration is completed you will have access to all previously submitted reports. It also looks like
you will be able to add multiple organisations for the first time.

For further details please visit

Controlled Drugs Training

GP practices should have systems in place to ensure the safe management of controlled drugs. Our
courses will help practices identify and demonstrate that they have systems in place to minimise risk
when managing CDs. Staff should be trained to ensure they have the relevant knowledge and skills to
undertake the CD related tasks required of them.

We offer two “bitesize” 1 hour Zoom tutorials, as well as a comprehensive 6 hour online learner-led course.
For our upcoming tutorials dates please click here.