Cervical Screening Management System expected to go live on 24 June 2024

Source: NHS England- Primary Care Bulletin 13.6.24

The new Cervical Screening Management System (CSMS) is scheduled to go live at 7am on Monday 24 June 2024. Final actions that providers and users need to undertake are outlined in the latest system letter of 10 June 2024.

All data will be transferred over from the NHAIS/Open Exeter system to the new system on 22 and 23 June 2024. Providers delivering cervical screening clinics and laboratory work should continue to run services as normal across the weekend and in the days following go-live.


Additional actions for GP practices

GP practices are asked to take some additional actions before and after go-live:

  1. Review and update email details held on Open Exeter ahead of go-live to continue to receive prior notification list (PNL) reminders and support effective call/recall of patients. Visit the Organisation Maintenance Screen on the main menu Application drop-down list. A generic email address, rather than a named individual’s email, should be used to avoid notifications being missed.
    If it needs changing, the practice’s primary contact/primary user on Open Exeter must email pcse.openexeter@nhs.net requesting that the email address for cervical screening PNLs is updated. Please include the practice code/ODS code in the request.
  2. Ensure that your PNLs are checked and processed in Open Exeter/NHAIS by Monday 17 June 2024.
  3. Once CSMS has gone live, log on and click the notifications section to check that the contact email details for notifications are correct. If incorrect, please amend on CSMS.

Further information, support and full details about the steps colleagues need to take can be found on the CSMS guidance website.

If there is any concern that your organisation will not be able to take the actions in the required timeframe, please contact us at screening.implementation@nhs.net.

Integrated care boards are asked to seek assurance that the above actions have been taken or will be taken before CSMS goes live.

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