Category M Updates

Quarter 4 – January 2024

The latest category M shows yet another slashing of prices and will inflict further
pain on dispensing practices. There are still 661 product lines in Category M, with
6 having been removed and 6 added.

There are 424 products whose price has DECREASED and 207 products whose
prices have Increased. No wonder there are so many Concession price changes
each month.

Category M products to look out for – ensure that you check your generic
acquisition costs. We expect pressure from ICBs
to change patients to these
cheaper generics. Members can click here to view our tables.

Further Support

Dispex is committed to supporting its members in navigating the complexities
of Category M, Concessions, and other aspects of prescribing
and dispensing.
As the pharmaceutical landscape
continues to evolve, Dispex will reliably offer
guidance and resources to help you remain profitable. We provide a range of
support channels to cater to the needs of our members. Our support channels
are easily accessible, ensuring that healthcare professionals can obtain
assistance whenever required.

  • Online Support: The Dispex website serves as an comprehensive online
    hub for members to access information and resources. The platform is
    where NHS professionals can find relevant materials, including
    downloadable SOPS, awareness posters, quick links, Informatic
    pages, profitability and drug update tables- stay updated on the
    latest developments in prescribing and dispensing practices.
  • Dispex Answers Page: In addition to the online profitability tools,
    the Dispex website offers a FAQ resource in the form of the
    Dispex Answers page. This page serves as a repository of expert
    to common questions related to prescribing and dispensing.
    By quoting relevant regulations, the experts at Dispex provide clarity
    on frequently encountered queries. We regularly add to the Answers
    page with
    new questions and responses to keep members well-informed.
  • Email Support: Dispex members can also seek support through email.
    The dedicated email addresses;,
    and training@– cater to specific needs, ensuring enquiries
    are directed to the right department for efficient resolution.
  • Telephone Support: Members can reach Dispex’s support team by
    calling the helpline at 01604 859000 between 10 am and 1 pm.
    This direct line of communication allows for real-time assistance,
    addressing queries promptly.

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