Category M Crunch – Again!

The Quarter 1 2022/23 Category M prices show a mixed bag of price increases and price reductions.


Acamprosate 333mg gastro-resistant tablets
Fludrocortisone 100microgram tablets
Melatonin 2mg modified-release tablets

Aspirin 300mg dispersible tablets
Glipizide 5mg tablets
Macrogol compound oral powder sachets NPF sugar free
Tolbutamide 500mg tablets

The Good News:

There has been an increase in price of 248 products, with 105 products increasing in price by
more than 10 pence per pack.

The Bad News:

The overall impact of the new Category M prices on Dispensing Doctors will mean that you
should be shopping around for the best deals on Generics and checking which generics will
make you a loss. Our Profitability Tool,
Generics Costing More Than Tariff, shows you how
to offset those losses.

There are 140 generics in the April 22 Drug Tariff which make a loss and this increases to
250 products when you factor in the punitive Clawback.

All Brand Comparisons have been updated to ensure the latest generic prices and profitability
are available to members. Of interest is that Sodium, Cromoglycate eye drops x 13.5ml has had
a significant decrease in the generic price and this means that you will dispense it at a loss.
Check out our
Brand Comparisons to see alternatives that are both good for the NHS and good
for your profitability.