Category M Changes

The first Quarter of the 2024/25 financial year brings with it a net decrease in Category M prices once again. This adds pressure on dispensing doctors who often cannot dispense these generics without making a loss. The losses are compounded by the punitive 11.18% Discount Abatement (Clawback) applied to each and every product dispensed. Dispex members can access the Generics Costing more that Tariff page on the Dispex website to see how to mitigate against these losses. Watch our short video on how to utilise our member’s only tool

There 6 new products

  • 118 Products have DECREASED in price by 20 pence or more
  • A further 236 products have had their price DECREASED by less than 20 pence
  • 18 Products prices have been unchanged
  • 136 Products have had their price INCREASED by less than 20 pence
  • 120 Products have had their price INCREASE by 20 pence or more

Note the following products. Expect a push by ICBs to switch to these products. Check our Brand Comparisons to ensure you do not land up dispensing these at a loss!