2024 General Election

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Lib Dems Pledge Financial Support for Rural Practices

A key pledge from the Lib Dems: Special funding for rural GPs voiced by the Lib Dems in their 2024
election manifesto. Read the manifesto.

Conservatives Pledge Rural NHS Focus

A key pledge from the Conservatives: The NHS Constitution will reflect the bespoke healthcare needs of rural
and coastal communities and the need for the NHS to tailor services accordingly. Read the Manifesto.


Labour Pledges More Community Pharmacy Prescribing

A key pledge from Labour: The manifesto mentions plans to trial Neighbourhood Health Centres, which bring
together existing services such as family doctors, district nurses, care workers, physiotherapists, palliative
care, and mental health specialists under one roof. As well as granting more pharmacists independent
prescribing rights. Read the manifesto.